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Voice Interconnect

Offers high-speed voice connections with cost effective interconnect access solutions, relieving licensed operators of the burden of investing in infrastructure


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Licensed operators are able to terminate calls originating from their network

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Even when only connecting at one of our points of interconnect (PoI), through Openserve’s national network, operators’ calls are able to terminate nationwide

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Openserve provides cost effective interconnect access solutions, relieving LOs of the burden to invest in infrastructure

Interconnect Products

Domestic voice interconnect

Domestic voice interconnection enables a subscriber of one network to communicate with a subscriber of another (different) network.


  • Direct interconnection with Openserve.
  • Transit service with Openserve to other operators within the borders.
  • Transit service with Openserve to operators outside of the borders.
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ICASA licences

Individual - Electronic communication network service (“I-ECNS”).

Individual - Electronic communication service (“I-ECS”).

Customer number range.

Metro ethernet access

The technology used to enable SIP via ME interconnection and it is ordered separately from the interconnection agreement.

International voice interconnect

International voice interconnection is a service that provides international connectivity.

The following 3 traffic options are included:


Incoming traffic received from international operators terminating in South Africa.


Traffic received from local operators intended for international destinations.


Traffic received from international operators terminating on another international destination.

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  • The services are provided on TDM routes as well as SIP routes.
  • The services have the capability of terminating bilateral traffic and transit traffic.
  • The routes offered are balanced between cost and quality.
  • Rates offered are a blend of direct routes and intermediate routes.

International footprint

  • Openserve has over 100 interconnects across the world; including SADC, Europe, Middle East, Far East, USA and Australia.
  • The majority of our traffic is terminated in Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom.


Economically and technically feasible.
Internationally licensed operators.
Signed master service agreement (MSA).
Minimum capacity of two E1 links.

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