Consumer ISP Connectivity

Introduction To Consumer ISP Connectivity
We’re committed to bringing internet access to the whole of South Africa. This is why Openserve offers ISPs lower wholesale prices which means more players can enter the market to provide all South Africans affordable internet connectivity. Our ambition enables us to create a more vibrant and competitive environment with fresh, new services for consumers.

Openserve Fibre Broadband

Our wholesale Fibre broadband access product is delivered over a ME enabled GPON network. The asymmetrical broadband access product is available in speeds of 10mbps up to 200mbps to all licensed operators.

Resell Digital Subscriber Line

Resell DSL is a wholesale broadband access product that is delivered by Openserve over a copper line. It is a “best effort” broadband access product that is available in speeds of 1mbps up to 40mbps.

IP Connect

IP Connect enables ISPs to connect to Openserve’s broadband products to provide their own value-added internet packages to their customers.

South African Internet Exchange Dedicated Access

South African Internet Exchange (SAIX) provides raw internet connectivity to Internet Service Providers and Licensed Operators. The SAIX has extremely low latency on the national network and is sold as a best effort service.