Co-location means the installation and operation of equipment by a Co-User, in terms of the Master Lease Agreement, within an Openserve exchange and the associated premises in order to connect such equipment.


  • Co-location gives Licensed Operators access to Openserve exchanges and the associated premises in order to connect their equipment to Openserve network.
  • Co-location is not a stand-alone service, but ancillary to facilities being leased by Telkom.  As such it is only provided as part of a relevant network service where co-location is necessarily incidental to such a network service and is technically and financially feasible.
  • No sub-letting or co-mingling is allowed.


Co-Location is provisioned in the following ways:

  • Hostel Co-location: space in a separate room in an Openserve building that is built to a standard design with separate personnel access and separate cable access routes into the building.
  • Distant Co-location – Co-User houses its equipment outside of Openserve’s buildings.  
  • Mast Site Sharing – space on masts belonging to Openserve (Masts include towers, high sites and building.)


  • Shared power infrastructure, physical security and cooling systems where applicable
  • Licensed Operators are able to grow their network services.

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