Customer Half Internet Protocol Access Circuit


CHIPAC is a Diginet half-access service, which consists of a dedicated synchronous data transfer service between an external premise and an Openserve site where a 'hand-over facility' is installed. The service is provisioned as a constant bit-rate service with a dedicated amount of available bandwidth, in 64 Kbps increments from 64 Kbps to 1984 Kbps.


CHIPAC is not a stand-alone product. It requires the provision of a Hand-Over Facility (HOF) in the applicable MPLS-enabled Openserve exchange. The HOF is used for all Licensed Operators in order to create a clear demarcation point between Openserve and the Licensed Operators’ networks.

Licensed Operators will provide the necessary infrastructure to connect the CHIPAC circuits to their networks. In the event that the Licensed Operator is not co-located in the relevant Openserve exchange, the Licensed Operator will require a backhaul link which will aggregate and backhaul the CHIPAC circuits to their network.

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