Capacity Lease

Capacity Lease

Capacity Lease is the leasing of submarine cable capacity by an owner of submarine cable system capacity to a customer requiring this service.


Openserve’s Capacity Lease provides customers with the necessary transmission capacity requirements through its vast access to various subsea cables.


In addition, Openserve has the rights and licences for when the service is extended beyond the country at which the cable lands. In the case of the WACS and EASSy submarine cables we have the right to sell full circuits to local licensed operators. The WACS cable specifically, offers GE and 10GE interfaces which terminate multiples of concatenated AU-4s


Our capacity lease service offers bandwidth from 2Mbps to STM-64 where applicable


  • One stop shop solution through our various agreements across the globe 
  • Customers can receive one invoice from one service provider – Openserve.
  • Customers can add other international services to the Capacity Lease offering to suit their business needs.
  • Openserve has the appropriate rights and licences to provide Capacity Leases between 
  • Cable Landing Stations (CLS) irrespective of the location.
  • Optional SLA

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