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Fibre devices on your premises

Our handy guide helps you understand what devices are installed into your home in order for your to be connected to a Fibre internet connection

Devices and placement

Inside your home or office, we install two small boxes that allow for the Fibre connection to hook up to your WiFi router and share internet. Keep reading to learn their names and functions.

Fibre from the street box runs into the ATB and then to the ONT (these are owned and operated by Openserve).

The hardware will need to have access to a power outlets

The devices in your home connect to the router and gain access to the internet!

Hardware setup illustration

What is an ONT?

ONTs may vary in their appearance, but are typically a small black or white box with ports that gets installed into your home by our technicians

An Optical Network Termination box (ONT) is the endpoint of Openserve’s Fibre infrastructure that runs from our street box into your home or office.


The ports on the ONT are for the lines and cables that come from our Fibre network and run to your router via the ONT.

Always ensure that all lines and cables are connected securely.

As it requires power, the ONT needs to be installed in an accessible location with access to a power outlet.

What is an ONT?

ONT Example image
Openserve ONT Example image

Checking the lights

While ONTs may differ, your will typically find 4 lights on an ONT. These may consist of the following or similar:

An Optical Network Termination box (ONT) is the endpoint of Openserve’s Fibre infrastructure that runs from our street box into your home or office.






If any of the lights on the ONT are off, or showing colours other than green, check that all cables are securely connected. Turning your device off and on again may also rectify the problem.

If the problem persists, report a fault directly to your ISP.

Other components installed on your premises

ONT Example image

Ethernet cable A standard RJ45 network cable. This is used to connect the ONT to the WiFi router.

ONT Example image

Patch cord Fibre optic connection from ATB to ONT. Ensure it is coiled securely and not hanging loose to be hooked and tripped over. Also prone to pet damage​

ONT Example image

ATB Connection point for drop fibre and patch cord going to ONT​. Ensure that it is secured against the wall and not damaged​.​

ONT Example image

Drop Fibre​ Cable coming from pole. Always ensure that this cable is securely attached and not damaged by trees or contractor activities​.

What is a router?

Your WiFi router is the device that distributes the internet and network on your premises.
The ONT connects to the router with an ethernet network cable, allowing it to distribute your Fibre connection on your own network via WiFi and network cables.
What is a router image
Where do I get a router?

A router is typically (but not always) provided by your internet service provider (ISP) as a part of your internet plan.

If a router is not included in your plan, speak to your ISP for advice on which model will work best for you.

What settings do I use?

Your router needs to be set up according to your internet service provider.

If your ISP doesn’t already set your router up for you, speak to them about what settings you require and where to configure them.

If there’s a problem

If your network goes down, and all the lights on your ONT show no issues, it’s always worthwhile to attempt powering your router down for a minute and then powering it back on again.

If a problem persists, contact your ISP support line for assistance.

Connecting to the SSID (WiFi network)

Some models of ONT boxes come with router/WiFi functionality built in. The SSID is the name of a WiFi network. Your WiFi network is managed either by a router (often provided and set up by your ISP) or in some cases, the ONT itself. Connecting to a secure network requires a password.


To connect to the WiFi SSID, open the WiFi settings on your device and select the name of the WiFi connection provided by your ISP or device.

Full wifi speed


Lock icon
Full wifi speed

Home Office WiFi

Lock icon
Half wifi speed

John’s Phone Hotspot

Weak wifi speed


Lock icon


Enter the password for your network, usually set up and provided by your ISP. Private networks require a password for security reasons.

SSID: Openserve5678

Please enter your password:

Password sample


Once the correct login info has been provided, you will be connected to your WiFi and able to use the Fibre internet connection.

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