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Openserve is a Wholesale Open Access Fibre Network Provider, which means that we provide and install the Fibre infrastructure that the internet service providers (ISPs) – the companies that provide the internet access – then sell to and support you, the customer.

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In the event that the issue might be with our network or infrastructure, your internet service provider (ISP) will contact us on your behalf, and we will dispatch a team of accredited and experienced technicians to assess and repair the fault. 

As a wholesale infrastructure provider to your internet service provider (ISP), we don’t have a view of you as a customer on our system, and we rely on the information provided to us by your chosen ISP. Contacting them will always be the fastest way to fix a whole range of problems.

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Your internet service is with your internet service provider (ISP), and only your ISP has a view of you as a customer on their systems. Should you have any internet connectivity problems, always contact your ISP. Your ISP will provide you with a query reference number and assist you in troubleshooting all the possible reasons why you may be experiencing a problem.

If they have identified that the problem resides with the Fibre infrastructure, your ISP will contact us on your behalf, and our accredited team of experienced technicians will be dispatched to assess and repair the fault.

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Connection speed doesn’t necessarily measure how fast your internet works, the way we measure how fast a car or motorcycle can travel. Don’t worry if this sounds a little confusing, we’ve got you covered… Your connection speed simply refers to your allocated bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent to you per second. If your connection speed is 25 Mbps, for example, that means you can receive 25 megabits of data every second.

Which speed is right for me?
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Your service or B-number is a 10-digit reference number that is linked to your Openserve connection at a specific address, such as your home or business. This number helps us to identify your line and allows us to assist you more effectively when you want to upgrade your line, or if your line needs repair, for example.

You can find it on your monthly bill from your internet service provider. If you’re having trouble finding your service number on your bill, please contact your service provider for further assistance.

Example: B * * * * * * * * *

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Openserve Fibre Connect (Fibre) is a Fibre broadband service delivered over Openserve Fibre infrastructure and may be ordered from any ISP.

Openserve Copper Connect (ADSL) and Openserve Pure Connect are broadband services delivered over our last-mile copper network.

Openserve Copper Connect has a prerequisite of a voice line which is ordered from Telkom – suitable for users who require a Telkom voice service as well as broadband.

Openserve Pure Connect is not associated with a voice service and can be ordered directly from any internet service provider (ISP). A voice service may still be possible using Openserve Pure Connect, but this would typically be an IP voice service.

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Openserve has the widest Fibre coverage network, and we are continuously rolling out across South Africa. To check whether your area is covered, visit our coverage map. Should your area not be covered, you can let us know.

Check if I’m covered
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Check our dedicated coverage map to see whether Fibre is available in your area, then contact your preferred internet service provider (ISP) and choose your preferred package. Once the sign-up process is completed with your ISP, an accredited Openserve technician will contact you for the installation and maintenance of your broadband connection at your home or business.

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We take various factors into consideration when deciding which access technology will be most suitable for an area. This includes, but is not limited to, the demand for access speed required by the consumer or business community in any given area.

When our market research indicates sufficient demand for the highest broadband speeds, we satisfy the localised customer base with Fibre infrastructure.

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There is no cost to residents of an area, or the Home Owner’s Association (HOA) of a complex for the installation of Fibre infrastructure. Openserve will provide infrastructure outside the premises or units, enabling residents to apply for service. An Installation fee from the internet service provider (ISP) will then apply to do the final connections to the respective units after placing an order with the ISP.

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Openserve normally installs within less than 10 days from the date that we receive your order from your internet service provider (ISP), provided that you are in our existing Fibre footprint and your address has been correctly captured by your ISP.

There could be other unforeseen delays after we have completed the Openserve Fibre installation, such as the shipping and configuring of your WiFi router by your ISP.

Your ISP may also provide indicative timelines on their website.

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Openserve has the widest Fibre coverage network in South Africa, and we are currently rolling out more high-speed Fibre across the country.

To check whether your area is covered, visit our coverage map.

Should your area not be covered, you can let us know, and our teams will assess the level of demand received and which access technology is best suited for your area.

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During the installation, Openserve will install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). These devices are not WiFi enabled and you will not be able to surf the internet with these devices.

Following the Fibre installation, your internet service provider (ISP) will activate your service over the infrastructure and provide you with a WiFi router. They may also make an appointment with you to help you set up the WiFi router in your home. Once your WiFi router is installed, your set-up is complete, and you should be able to surf the internet.

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If possible, try to obtain the B-number of the existing Fibre service from the landlord or previous resident, as this may assist in a quicker and possibly cheaper activation.

To prevent any unforeseen delays, advise your ISP that there is working Fibre and Optical Network Terminal (ONT) – the little, black box that connects your Fibre line to your router – only after physically confirming that an ONT is present and switched on.

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First, notify your internet service provider (ISP) of your intention to switch your service to another ISP. ISPs follow a different process with Openserve depending on whether you want to switch or cancel. Your ISP will contact Openserve to arrange the switch on a date based on any contractual notice periods as agreed upon between you and your current ISP (the earliest possible switch date is 24 hours from the time that the ISP places the request with Openserve).

Openserve will only make your service available to your new ISP on the switch date provided by your existing ISP.

Your new ISP will then take up the Fibre service and connect you. Always ensure that you obtain the correct switch date from your old ISP and provide this date to your new ISP as the start date of your new service.

Please note that your new ISP cannot take up your service from your old ISP earlier than the switch date indicated to Openserve by your old ISP.

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First, perform some basic checks:

  • Confirm that the electricity is turned on, and all your internet and WiFi equipment, including the Openserve Optical Network Terminal (ONT), are correctly plugged in and turned on.
  • You can also check your network status or run a line test directly on the Openserve Connect app (see below for more info) to further assist you in identifying the problem before contacting your ISP.
  • Contact your internet service provider (ISP).

Remember, should you have any internet connectivity queries, always contact your internet service provider (ISP) directly. If the problem is caused by any infrastructure-related issues, our accredited team of experienced technicians will be dispatched to ensure you are back online and stay connected.

With the new Openserve Connect app, we’ve made it easier than ever before for you to stay up to date with outages on the Openserve network that may affect you, and to diagnose any internet connectivity problems you may be experiencing.

Openserve Connect app
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Our Openserve technicians are only responsible for installing the Fibre line into your home, as well as the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) – the little black box that connects your Fibre line to your router.

Once the line is installed and active, your internet service provider (ISP) will provide you with the WiFi router. They may also make an appointment with you to help you set up the WiFi router in your home.

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