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Our broadband solutions

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Openserve’s broadband network infrastructure enables internet service providers to connect you to South Africa and beyond

We are Openserve, and we’re South Africa’s largest telecommunications infrastructure provider. Wherever you go, our broadband and telecoms infrastructure keeps the nation connected in their homes and businesses.

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Next Generation Fibre technology

Openserve Fibre Connect (OFC) is our flagship wholesale product that provides Fibre connectivity on our rapidly expanding Fibre network. Openserve Fibre broadband gives you superfast internet and the freedom to build a smart home and business.

Link all your devices, stream high-definition movies, experience online gaming, work seamlessly from home, and empower yourself with a robust home security network. Openserve Fibre broadband provides speeds from 25 Mbps up to 500 Mbps.

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Copper cable network

Openserve has a vast country-wide coverage copper cable network which offers internet access through our telephone lines.
Openserve Copper Connect (ADSL) is a wholesale broadband access product that is delivered by Openserve over a copper line. It is a “best effort” broadband access product that is available in speeds of 5 Mbps up to 40 Mbps.
Openserve Pure Connect is broadband service delivered via Openserve’s existing copper infrastructure, where it is technically feasible, and includes high-speed Fibre backhaul, which means that we can offer an alternative high-speed fixed broadband connectivity option where Openserve has not yet rolled out Fibre infrastructure. The Pure Connect service offers speeds of 4,10, 20 and 40 Mbps.
Copper Cable Illustration
Copper Cable Illustration

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