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How our broadband gets to you

Openserve has the widest broadband coverage network in SA and we’re currently rolling out more high-speed broadband across the country

Here’s how it all works

Building our Openserve broadband network

Right now, Openserve's teams and construction partners are installing our high-speed broadband network in areas across South Africa

You can check if your area is already covered by using our coverage map, and can order your free Fibre installation while you still decide on the right internet service provider plan that meets your needs.

Fibre roll into ground illustrationFibre roll into ground illustration

Connecting your home or business to our network

When Fibre is ordered through an internet service provider (ISP), our technicians run cables from the street distribution box to a small Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that we fit inside your home or office.

ISPs are now able to use our network to provide internet services in the area.

Openserve box illustrationOpenserve box illustration
Fibre into the living room illustration - Top part

Internet service providers take it from there

Once you’ve decided on a preferred ISP and signed up for an internet package, your ISP will install or drop off your new router (if included with your package).

Fibre into the living room illustration - bottom partFibre into the living room illustration

Your Fibre goes live!

Once your router is set up and active, it will begin to provide you with both wired and wireless internet connectivity.

When your devices are connected to your own network, you can instantly begin enjoying the benefits of high-speed broadband internet access.

Fibre into the router illustrationFibre into the router illustration

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