Why Openserve

The biggest businesses and the smallest social media posts all start with a simple connection.

Openserve is at the heart of those connections, building solid foundations for growth and sustainability.

You might not see us, but we're there - always one step ahead, ready when South Africa needs us.
We're the heartbeat that's behind millions of ADSL lines, thousands of homes and hundreds of thousands kilometres of fibre. The connectivity of the entire country begins here.

What does Openserve do?

To succeed in our technology-powered, connected future, you need a new-look connectivity partner. Openserve is that partner: we're the open connectivity partner you can rely on to enable your connected future.

Openserve is an entirely new entity created to give you the capabilities you need to give your customers innovative, profitable and sustainable services today, and in the future.

Openserve is your partner, providing you with the connectivity capabilities you need to give your customers innovative, profitable and sustainable services and solutions to meet their needs.

Staying one step ahead

We've worked hard behind the scenes to ensure Openserve is an agile and nimble partner for you. This means we'll collaborate and innovate with you, to give your customers the best services. And, we're one step ahead, so when your customers are ready for future services, we've figured out how to provide them.

Advanced services and technology

We have invested heavily in our network infrastructure to build a solid foundation for growth and sustainability. Openserve works hard to bring these network products and services to you in a way that sets you up for success with your customers.



To Possibilities

Open and Equal

We'll play open cards with you, because we succeed when you succeed.

This means our high-speed fibre-to-the-home service is available on an open access basis to all licensed operators. And we treat all our clients equally, giving you the best sustainable pricing for the market.

Our Team

We're a team of experienced ICT professionals, passionate about building a competitive, lean, sustainable and accountable business to better serve you.

Through collaborative innovation and a close partnership with you, we'll proactively provide you with high quality connectivity services.

Put us to the test as your trusted telco business partner.

We can make positive change a reality.

We can transform communication.

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